Earn Extra Income From Home 

With the current economic climate it's little wonder a lot of us are looking to earn extra income from home. We've all done it - paid out on what we thought was every monthly bill only to be caught out at the last moment by a nasty financial surprise. Thankfully the Internet offers us plenty of ways to earn extra income from home but there is a downside - scams sites!

Unfortunately not all of what you see on-line is to be believed - sad but true. In fact I would go as far as saying more people have actually lost money on-line as opposed to earning it on-line. This brings the whole 'earn extra income from home' subject into perspective. If scams did not work nobody would be advertising them on-line - period!

Think for a moment how many offers have taken your eye when browsing on-line. There's usually a 'Mom makes $699 a day on-line for 6 hours work' advert on most popular sites. The truth of the matter is you cannot earn extra income from home without patience and hard work - if this mother was indeed earning $699 dollars a day then why isn't everybody doing this, after all it's only 6 hours work a day!

So what are your options to earn extra income from home? How do you avoid the scams? This site has been created by myself to offer you some insight on what is a scam and what is legitimate. Sometimes, it's not that easy to spot as scam site - don't think for a minute that I have not been scammed because I have ( more than once unfortunately ). It is these experiences that have led me to build this list of legitimate sites to earn extra income from home. Remember - rule of thumb with legitimate sites:

You won't get rich but you will earn money!

The moment somebody tries to make you an offer to earn over $100 a day - get out of there as fast as possible. Do not give them your email address, do not sign up and do not give them any money. Most of the legitimate ways to earn extra income from home on-line are free to join anyway. The trick I used was to find a handful of legitimate and trusted sites and sign up for every one of them. Try them out and then stick with the ones you find the most appealing for your needs. The combined earning off these handful of sites will add up to a handy monthly sum!

Ways to Earn Money Online

So what are the legitimate ways to earn money online? There are quite a few options here so it will depend on what suits you best. The first of the legitimate ways to earn money online that we will cover are Paid-to-Click ( PTC ) sites. These type of sites are easy to get to grips with and require no investment on your part to join or to use. It's important that you realize that not all of these PTC sites are legitimate so stick to the tried and trusted sites reviewed here on the pages of this site. 


So what is a paid to click site? With PTC members are paid for viewing ads for a allotted amount of time. It's that simple really - you surf over a handful of advertisers websites or offers and are paid a small amount for doing so. People often find new ways to earn money online being advertised on these PTC sites and add them to their earning artillery to. There are quite a few legitimate PTC sites reviewed on this site so browse through the pages here to get more detail on the subject.

The second of my favorite ways to earn money online is by writing articles. This instantly puts people off but it really shouldn't - it's not as hard as it sounds. There are a few sites out there that will pay you for your thoughts and opinions put down in article form. You can write about absolutely anything and as long as you do a spell check your articles are more than likely going to be excepted. Most of these article sites pay you according to how many views your article gets and how many adverts are clicked on your article's page.

There are legitimate ways to earn money online that I personally do not use and do not like. At the top of this list has to be Paid Survey Sites. Now, if this is what you like then fair enough, plenty of people earn legitimate money doing it. Me, personally, had a pretty torrid time trying to earn on these sites. I found the amount of surveys/work I was doing was nothing compared to what I was actually being paid. It is for this reason that these type of 'survey' sites are not covered on this site.

One of the most popular ways to earn money online is through Affiliate Marketing. There are literally millions of people using affiliate marketing as a means of full-time income online. With affiliate marketing you promote other people's products with an eye to customers buying them. If somebody buys a product you are promoting you will receive a percentage of the sale price ( commission ). Out of all the ways to earn money online this is by far my favorite so there are a few in-depth reviews and recommendations for affiliate marketing included on this site.