Wikinut - Writing Articles For Money

And now for something completely different! Wikinut. This is a site for anyone interested in writing articles for money I love this site and only wished I had found it sooner. As I mentioned on the home page I am an internet marketer and therefore I spend a lot of my time writing articles. Wikinut is an article submission site that actually pays you revenue from your articles page. This is a great way to earn money online but like everything else it does take time. Basically, the more articles you publish on the site the more money you will make - it's that simple!

Writing articles for money is really not as hard as it sounds, anyone can do it. Like everything new - practice makes perfect and Wikinut is no different. As long as you use a spell check and have a basic grasp on grammar you will not have a problem earning something with this site. You can write about whatever you want, there are no holds barred. I have seen people who have over a thousand different articles on the site and are earning a tidy little sum every week. 

If you have any experience with internet promotion you can implement this into your articles and drive more traffic towards your articles and earn more ( personally, I recommend using the top social bookmarking sites ). You have the option to include keywords ( tags ) for every article so do a little research using the google keyword tool and make your articles SEO friendly.

Whilst writing articles for money is my favored way of earning money online it can take time. These days I am able to knock out a couple of good quality articles within an hour but this was not the case when I started. You will become settled and comfortable with the site the more you use it so jump straight in. As well as writing articles for money you can also use Wikinut's referral system to refer new members and earn off the articles they write as well as your own. Payments are made through Paypal at the end of every month and the payout level is quite low at £5 ( GBP not $ ). Even though the payments are made in pounds not dollars, anyone can join and use the site regardless of what country they live in.

I can't say enough good things about this site - it really is great. I did join other sites offering the option of writing articles for money but they were nowhere near as easy as this site to use. Don't worry if you are not a professional writer, Wikinut has a lot of moderators their to help you out and give you a few tips on what you could do to improve your articles. If you do become successful with your writing then you may receive an offer to become a Wikinut moderator - another way to earn extra money. 

If you are interested in writing articles for money and finding out more about Wikinut or signing up for free simply click one of the links on this page or click the link below: