Clicksia - Earn Money Online Free

Another one of the ways I use to earn money online free of charge is the site Clicksia. Clicksia is the parent site to it's counterpart Incentria which means it is another PPA ( paid per action ) way of earning cash. It is owned and run by an internet marketer called William Jackson. Like Incentria this site pays you for clicking ads, visiting various websites and signing up for different offers.

Like most ways to earn money online free, Clicksia will require a little hard work and patience to succeed with. The site is nearly identical to Incentria so if you've read my review of that site you will know where this review is going. As with most sites which let you earn money online free, Clicksia pays most when you sign up for offers. This is something I do not often partake in though - I'm more fond of referring members and going through the PTC section. For clicking on links and visiting advertiser websites, they usually pay about $.001 to $.005. This may not seem a lot but it soon adds up considering the payout level is again $1 - very low. 


If you really want to earn money online free and legitimately with Clicksia then you should think about using their marketing tools and build a downline. A downline is a list of members ( referrals ) that you have invited to sign up with the site, when they earn - you earn. Remember, referring someone also takes a little luck and hard work - do not get disheartened, there are lots of ways to advertise your referral link.

Clicksia has a good reputation on the internet for paying its members, and for paying in a timely manner. Much like Incentria, it is a legitimate way to earn money online free of charge. It was one of the first online earning sites that I joined and one I still use successfully today. I have always been paid within a fortnight of requesting a cashout without any problems. If you are interested in visiting Clicksia and joining for free then click one of the links on the page or simply click the link below: