How to Earn Money on Neobux

In this section we will cover how to earn money on Neobux - probably one of the most popular and well liked PTC sites on the internet. Neobux has been around for a while now and is owned and run by an internet marketer known as Rezk. There are a lot of people out there that earn a tidy sum through this site but do not be fooled into thinking it is going to be easy - it is not. In most cases it will take time and patience to arrive at a level where you can earn a respectable amount every month.

So, how to earn money on Neobux and make it worth your while. The way you make money on Neobux is very simple, you click on advertisers ads, you then visit their sites for a set amount of time, you get paid for your visit. You can also refer other people to the site and earn off their actions to. This referral system will introduce you to affiliate marketing and how to use affiliate links to promote other people's offers and products. 

How to earn money on Neobux - Step one:

You are not paid much for viewing an ad on a PTC site - this is true for all legitimate PTC sites. If you are clicking ads for good money in return then I'm afraid they are scam sites, do not invest and do not waste your time with them. These types of sites are not financially sustainable and will disappear after they have received a good amount of money in upgrades. 

This obviously poses a problem for us - how to earn money on Neobux and make it worthwhile. My first tip is to log in at some point of the morning and stay logged in for the duration of the day. If you spend a lot of time online a day keep switching back to the Neobux tab every half hour - new ads are popping up every day. Golden members can apparently earn up to $0.50 an hour monitoring ads.

How to earn money on Neobux - Step two:

Invest in some rented referrals. Referrals are basically other members who you 'part-own' so to speak. Whatever they earn through Neobux on a daily basis you will earn a percentage of this earning. So it stands to reason - the more referrals you have the more money you will make. 

How to earn money on Neobux - Step three:

Advertise, promote and get yourself some direct referrals. As opposed to 'renting referrals', direct referrals are members you have invited to join up through your affiliate link given to you free by the site. The great thing about direct referrals is the fact that they do not cost you any money ( like rented referrals ). 

Learning how to earn money on Neobux is a process that involves a little patience, if you have this patience - you can earn without any sort of investment. Continue reading for further detailed information on the functions of Neobux.

So What Does Neobux Offer Me? 

  • has been online since 25th of March 2008 and has had no scam complaints since. There are older Paid to Click sites about but they are not as popular as Neobux ( we will cover these sites in later pages ).
  • There is a fantastic forum that Neobux offer which will answer every type of question you ask. Paid to Click sites which do not offer a forum service are generally ( but not always ) to be avoided. I tend to think if a money making site does not have a forum then they probably have something to hide - people with problems that need answering by the administration can just be ignored.
  • All the payments to you are made at once ( instantly ) through sites such as Paypal and Alertpay. This tells you that Neobux as a business is doing very well and will always have money available.
  • There are thousands of payment proofs inside the forum which can be accessed at any time if you still need reassurance.
  • Neobux lets you rent very active referrals which will multiply your earnings. You may also get direct referrals if you decide to promote Neobux.
  • Neobux has been promoted to an 'Elite' Paid to Click site by online moderators ( the sites that are in the know ).

To sum up, Neobux is by far the most advanced and well run internet money making site on the internet that anyone can join and use for free. It is by far my favorite site and I have currently made well over what I was aiming to make. There are many Neobux links on this page if you feel like visiting the site to try it out or you can simply click below:



Neobux Tips And Tricks

For those who are new to neobux or those who are struggling with the site here are some neobux tips and tricks that I have personally used to make my time and earnings worthwhile on the site. It's a simple process but it can be very profitable if implemented properly. 

Reading through neobux tips and tricks is an important step to take before you decide to sign up if possible - it will stop you from making to many common initial mistakes. 

Neobux tips and tricks part one - Before we start I should inform you do not have to invest any money into neobux to make any money. You can choose to invest straight away to quicken up the process or you can go the longer route and invest nothing. The main aim in neobux is to have enough money to purchase referrals and then watch your earnings multiply. If you invest you can buy ( rent ) referrals instantly otherwise you will be left clicking ads until you earn enough to rent them.

Neobux tips and tricks part two - A common mistake a lot of neobux members make is to spend all their money on referrals and leave nothing in their account. Referrals will need to be maintained if they are to earn you money. Not all your referrals will click or keep on clicking, some of them will lose interest in the site and stop clicking every day - this is where you maintain or 'recycle' your referrals and this will cost you 7 cents a time. If a referral does not click within 4 days then recycle them at once. 

Neobux tips and tricks part three - Log in every single day if possible and make sure you click the 'fixed adverts' first. If you miss a day's worth of clicking your own ads you will receive less money from your referrals the next day. The standard adverts are fine because as well as $0.001 for every click you will receive a bonus pack. These bonus packs add up and can be used to rent, maintain or extend your referrals.

Neobux tips and tricks part four - do not stand still once you have a steady ( but small ) income. If you have 100 referrals then start aiming for 200 referrals - don't pull all of your money out as soon as you reach your payout, buy more referrals. There are also three levels of membership for members of neobux - standard, golden and ultimate. To move up through these membership levels you will need to invest but again, put aside money from your earnings every day for this. The higher membership level you are the more you and your referrals can earn.

The neobux tips and tricks mentioned above are geared towards renting referrals as opposed to getting direct referrals. Whilst renting referrals is a much easier way to gain referrals it does require an outlay to upkeep and extend every month. Direct referrals cost you nothing and will not need to be renewed or extended every month but are difficult to come by.