Earn at Home With Incentria

Incentria is one of my favorite ways to earn at home, it is user friendly and effective. Incentria is only part PTC site - there are various ways to earn at home through the site. Because of this Incentria is known as a PPA ( pay-per-action ) site as opposed to a straight up PTC ( paid-to-click ) site. These 'actions' include signing up for different memberships or websites and reading advertisements. There is also a basic affiliate program put in place so that you can refer new members and earn extra off them.

If your looking to earn at home and make a living out of it then Incentria, by itself, will not be enough ( unless you are a master marketer and able to attract 1000's of referrals ). It is a relatively slow earning site but the cashout level is very low to at $1. Don't let this put you off - if used with other online 'earn at home' sites it is very effective and very, very legitimate. You can join for free once you fill out a short membership form and then start to earn at home immediately without any risk of being scammed.

Incentria offers the opportunity to drive free traffic to your website ( if you own one ) as well as the avenues for income. This is done in the form of an effective Traffic Exchange. With this function you can view other peoples websites or offers and have a visitor to your site in exchange. 

The critics of Incentria will always point to the low earnings of the site but the fact of the matter is that Incentria never claims at any point it's going to make you rich. Incentria only claims to offer free, legitimate, extra income. How much you earn is up to how much work you want to put in - simple! Below are some of the factors I believe make Incentria a viable earn at home option:

  • The longer a PTC site has been online the better ( much more trustworthy ). Saying this Incentria has been up and running since February 2008. Three years of proven history - not bad!
  • Incentria offers a great forum if you have any questions or problems that need solving.
  • Incentria does not offer instant payments but payments will be received within seven days. Seven days is pretty good really.
  • Incentria offers many different ways to earn money as well as PTC. It also allows you to purchase Direct Referrals to do the work for you.
  • As well as Neobux, Incentria is regarded as an Elite site by the experts and is trusted by everyone who uses it. There are many payment proofs available in their forum. 

Incentria does have a sister site ( which we shall cover on a later page ) that is the same earn at home layout and is just as successful. It is well laid out and after a year of using it I am seeing money come in at the end of every week. If you are interested in exploring the site click the link below and join for free:

                                                                    CLICK HERE!